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Maintainer Ubuntu MOTU Developers
Version 2.0.5
Package Size 49KB
Installed Size 180KB
Homepage https://github.com/esnet/iperf




iperf is a tool for performing network throughput measurements. It can test either TCP or UDP throughput. To perform an iperf test the user must establish both a server (to discard traffic) and a client (to generate traffic).




  • libc6
    • [not arm64, ppc64el] (>= 2.15)
      • GNU C Library: Shared libraries also a virtual package provided by libc6-udeb
    • [arm64, ppc64el] (>= 2.17)
  • libgcc1
    • [not arm64, armhf, powerpc] (>= 1:4.1.1)
      • GCC support library
    • [powerpc] (>= 1:4.2.1)
    • [armhf] (>= 1:4.4.0)
    • [arm64] (>= 1:4.7)
  • libstdc++6
    • [not armhf] (>= 4.1.1)
      • GNU Standard C++ Library v3
    • libstdc++6 [armhf] (>= 4.3.0)


$ sudo apt-get install iperf


  • iperf


$ iperf -v
iperf version 2.0.5 (08 Jul 2010) pthreads



iperf -s [ options ]

iperf -c server [ options ]

iperf -u -s [ options ]

iperf -u -c server [ options ]


  • -f, --format [kmKM] format to report: Kbits, Mbits, KBytes, MBytes
  • -h, --help print a help synopsis
  • -i, --interval n pause n seconds between periodic bandwidth reports
  • -l, --len n[KM] set length read/write buffer to n (default 8 KB)
  • -m, --print_mss print TCP maximum segment size (MTU - TCP/IP header)
  • -o, --output output the report or error message to this specified file
  • -p, --port n set server port to listen on/connect to to n (default 5001)
  • -u, --udp use UDP rather than TCP
  • -w, --window TCP window size (socket buffer size)
  • -B, --bind bind to <host>, an interface or multicast address
  • -C, --compatibility for use with older versions does not sent extra msgs
  • -M, --mss n set TCP maximum segment size (MTU - 40 bytes)
  • -N, --nodelay set TCP no delay, disabling Nagle's Algorithm
  • -v, --version print version information and quit
  • -V, --IPv6Version Set the domain to IPv6
  • -x, --reportexclude [CDMSV] exclude C(connection) D(data) M(multicast) S(settings) V(server) reports
  • -y, --reportstyle C|c if set to C or c report results as CSV (comma separated values)

Server Specific Options

  • -s, --server run in server mode
  • -U, --single_udp run in single threaded UDP mode
  • -D, --daemon run the server as a daemon

Client Specific Options

  • -b, --bandwidth n[KM] set target bandwidth to n bits/sec (default 1 Mbit/sec). This setting requires UDP (-u).
  • -c, --client run in client mode, connecting to <host>
  • -d, --dualtest Do a bidirectional test simultaneously
  • -n, --num n[KM] number of bytes to transmit (instead of -t)
  • -r, --tradeoff Do a bidirectional test individually
  • -t, --time n time in seconds to transmit for (default 10 secs)
  • -F, --fileinput input the data to be transmitted from a file
  • -I, --stdin input the data to be transmitted from stdin
  • -L, --listenport n port to receive bidirectional tests back on
  • -P, --parallel n number of parallel client threads to run
  • -T, --ttl n time-to-live, for multicast (default 1)
  • -Z, --linux-congestion set TCP congestion control algorithm (Linux only)




Date: 2018-02-20

Author: Dongsoo Lee

Created: 2018-12-10 Mon 03:11